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Joe’s Story I had never struggled with my weight until I graduated from college and “settled down.” Once I settled down, the weight began to settle in.

I graduated high school at around 175 lbs and by 2005, just ten short years later I had gained 100 pounds. I happened upon a planning committee for my ten year high school reunion – people I had lost touch with but was close to in high school. It may have been the most embarrassing moment in my life when they didn’t recognize me. I knew something had to change. So, I made all the excuses like everyone else as to why losing weight wasn’t working for me:

  • I just wasn’t around the right people
  • I have a broad build (big boned-lol)
  • My body just likes this weight better
  • I like food too much
  • It’s easier for other people
  • I must have a slow metabolism
  • The list can go on and on…I used them all!

While I tried to lose weight, I wasn’t very successful for about 18 months. Around this time we had a pharmacy resident that needed to do a community outreach project. I was not yet a fan of the Biggest Loser tv show but it was becoming popular so I suggested she do a weight loss competition. We worked on putting it together over the next few weeks and Lose to Win was born. I must admit, I had ulterior motives when I suggested she do this as her project. I knew competition was a motivator for me, so I knew this would give me the kick start I needed. I actually won the first competition – BUT I gained most of it back – glowing recommendation, right? We decided to do the program again the next year and this time I decided to really change my life. I had a little scare with the cardiologist around this time and knew that the sooner I could get this weight off the better. However, I didn’t do crazy diets or anything like that – to this day I eat whatever I want, just not whenever I want. I don’t believe in cutting everything out if it is something you enjoy. I do believe you have to limit the things that are bad for you. The weight loss journey is a “do-able” thing for anyone. It is just like anything else in life. If you are going to be successful you have to do the little things day after day. Sure, just like anything else, you fall off the wagon every now and then but it doesn’t mean that you have failed, it just means you are normal. Each person has to find what works for them. I was convicted because of faith and family, was educated through this program, was motivated by competition, and am held accountable by my Lose to Win family! Everyone needs conviction (a why), education, motivation, and accountability! So, if I can do it – you can too! I will be here to help you along the way!