Checking Out At Marcrom's Pharmacy

The professional, caring staff at Marcrom’s Pharmacy’s specializes in individualized, comprehensive pharmaceutical services designed with your personal medical situation in mind.

Marcrom’s offers a complete package of resources, from in-house compounding, bio-identical hormones, to mobile assistance technology.

We are a medical supply provider dedicated to implementing an effective treatment plan to help you experience a happy, healthier life.

Marcrom’s Pharmacy offers a unique service called compounding. This service is available for individuals with special health needs. Compounded medications offer an attractive alternative to medicines not available commercially, hard-to-find medicines and traditional forms of treatment.

Our goal is to help you get well and keep you well in the most cost-efficient ways possible. We keep your costs low by offering private label (with a money-back guarantee) and over-the-counter medications when possible. We also accept nearly all insurance plans including Medicare Part B and D.



Services Include:

  • Blood Pressure Club Membership – Get free blood pressure checks year round! – $30
  • Blood Pressure Check –  Stop by and get your blood pressure checked. – $5
  • Blood Pressure Check – If you have a prescription intended to help control blood pressure, we’ll be glad to check it each time you pick up that prescription. – FREE
  • Blood Sugar Check – Take a few minutes to check your blood sugar each year! – $10
  • A1C Check – Get a better grasp on blood glucose control. – $35
  • Diabetes Consult – If you would like to spend some extra time learning about this serious disease, our pharmacists would love to join you in your battle against Diabetes. – $35
  • Cholesterol Check – Have your cholesterol checked as soon as possible. – $30
  • INR Check  $50
  • Ear Check – Has your child been tugging at his or her ear? Let us do a preliminary screening. – $10
  • Ear Cleaning – Many patients find having their ears cleaned by a professional helps hearing. – $20
  • BHRT Consultation – If you want to learn more about hormones and how they effect you, schedule a time to sit down with our highly-trained pharmacists for a consultation. – $75
  • BHRT Package – This package includes a saliva test and a follow up consultation. – $220
  • MTM Session – MTM stands for medication therapy management. Are you on too many medications? Have you been prescribed more medications than you can understand? We’d love to sit down with you and re-educate you on your medications, side effects, and health plan. – $50

Stay tuned as Marcrom’s Pharmacy will be offering Clinical services VERY soon such as:

  • Flu testing
  • UTI testing
  • Strep testing


1277 McArthur St.

Manchester, TN 37355

(931) 728-1100

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