At Marcrom’s Pharmacy we want to be as helpful as possible during this time! The page below will have updates in chronological order.

We URGE you to follow all federal, state, and local recommendations. This is very serious but we can beat it!! We can slow the spread.

03/31/20 3:00pm

You may have noticed over the past several months that you reach an actual person more often than ever when you call Marcrom’s Pharmacy. We made some significant changes to our workflow to make this happen.

However, we are working with reduced staff and asking anyone that might be sick to stay home. Please be patient with us if we don’t get to you on the phone immediately. We are regularly checking voicemails and are quickly responding to most text messages. You can text us at 931-253-1440.



(And actually – these always help save you time!)

  1. USE OUR TECHNOLOGY:  Use our app or web portal to request refills at
  2. TEXT US: Text us at 931-253-1440 when you need us.  Whether you text us when you are on your way to the pharmacy or if you just need a refill we will be here.  Also – we have HIPAA compliant messaging in our app.  We can discuss all of your health information in the app!  And as always – you can still call us!
  3. DRIVE THRU:  Make use of our drive thru when you can’t come in.  Text us at 931-253-1440 when you are in the drive thru if there is a line to let us know what how we can help you.  Hopefully we will be able to have everything ready when you get to the window!
  4. ORDER AHEAD:  Order your refills 2 business days ahead of time when possible.  This allows time in case we are out of stock, there are insurance challenges, or you don’t have refills amongst other potential issues.  And as always – you can order your prescriptions for same day pickup or while you wait.
  5. ENROLL IN NOTIFICATIONS:  Sign up for text notifications and/or email notifications at

Our Pharmacist Panel About COVID-19.

03/23/20 2:00pm
We will be having a LIVE webinar Tuesday evening at 6:30pm to discuss what we are doing, how you can boost your immune system, and other COVID-19 related items. You can join us at at that time.

Here are some things that will help you, help your fellow community members, and help us serve you more efficiently:

  1. Please check this page, our social media, and your email regularly!
  2. Please order your prescriptions 2 business days before you actually need them. (Actually – this is always good practice.)
  3. Please use our texting service. You can text us a message to 931-253-1440 to send us prescriptions, check on prescriptions, to let us know you are on your way, or anything else you need from us! (This will be available even AFTER COVID-19).
  4. Please use our technology. You can learn about our web portal HERE and our app HERE.
  5. Please sign up for text message notifications by completing the HIPAA compliant form located HERE.